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Oil Skimmer

We make available different types of Oil Skimmer such as GAITSU Tube Oil Skimmer, Fabric Belt Oil Skimmer and GAITSU Mini Belt Oil Skimmer. The name of our company surfaces prominently among the trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers of Oil Skimmer from Karnataka, India. The entire range of Oil Skimmer is manufactured using high-grade components and the latest techniques. Also, we conduct stringent tests Oil Skimmer so as to ensure its defect-free delivery at the customers’ end.

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GAITSU Tube Oil Skimmer

GAITSU Tube Oil Skimmer uses specially formulated oleophilic collector tube that is sized in length starting from 8” and joined into a continuous loop. It is suitable for any metal working fluid application and can remove tramp oil up to 1 liter/ hour and is also perfect for aqueous based coolants of up to max


GAITSU Mini Belt Oil Skimmer

GAITSU Mini Belt Oil Skimmer is the ideal solution to remove unwanted oil from washers and coolants. It effectively removes more than one liter medium weight oil per hour from a 1 inch width Poly belt. It is compact in size and portable. Our Mini Belt Oil Skimmer runs on the power of 230V AC 50 Hz. It is suitable for


Fabric Belt Oil Skimmer

Fabric Belt Oil Skimmer is one of the smallest mop skimmers, specifically designed for wash tank and machine tool application. It is ideal for removing hydrocarbons from coolants, waste water or any small area where contaminants accumulate. Our Fabric Belt Oil Skimmer has two gear driven rollers that provide the means of oil